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There are mulitple reasons why someone would hire a private investigator. The services of a private investigator can be a game changer. It’s important to know that the more resources put towards an investigation the greater likelihood of a better outcome.

Therefore, price point and the costs of our services needs to be understood.

How much does it cost for private investigators?

The price for a private investigator varies depending on the type of service, the level of expertise provided, the time taken to undertake the task, and the expenses involved.

Most investigators charge an hourly rate as well as charge kilometres for any distances travelled.

Expenses are also charged on top.

What are these Expenses?

They are incidentals like tolls, parking or purchases to blend in with environments such as a cup of coffee if surveillance occurs at a café. If we need to follow a Subject into a restaurant and they have dinner, to blend in we also try obtain a table, and eat dinner. We charge these meals back to the client. We are ethical, so our investigators don’t splurge, instead we try to obtain the cheapest meal available whilst obtaining the best seat.

For technical investigations, these expenses may include database surcharges to buy data and information pertaining to your case. Sometimes ASIC records are required to be purchased, real property documents or even customer consumption data is acquired.

Also, with our licencing we are also able to obtain access to databases that are not accessible to the public. To be granted access or use we usually must pay a “fee” or monthly subscription fees. Any information extracted from these programs is then charged onto the client for this use.

What costs are there to do surveillance on someone?

First of all, lets debunk a few things.
It does not alter the price if you already know where the person lives.

The hourly rate remains the same, regardless of whether the assignment is during the day or night. There is a chance we can lose them, however the clock continues until the minimum paid amount is expired.

Our industry charges 4 hours minimum for surveillance plus travel to ensure that an operative is compensated fairly for arrival and commencing an investigation in the event of losing the Subject, inactivity, the client providing the incorrect address or there is a change of heart.

The average cost of a surveillance or private investigator ranges from $600 to $2000 per day in Sydney. If the hours are long and the kilometres are high in terms of travel, the top end costs will be met.

Do you have flat rates or set prices for services?

For certain services like skip tracing there are flat fees, however if the matter is historical or there is little to nil information pertaining to the person, there is likely to be an hourly rate.

The price may increase if less information is provided by a case.

Most cases are based on hourly rates as investigations are labour intensive.

Why are private investigator costs sometimes more expensive than others?

It comes down to quality. “Buyers beware” mentality is needed. More experienced investigators deliver better results, and therefore charge more for their higher skill level. Sometimes looking at what is delivered in terms of the price point needs to be considered.

Some surveillance operatives only take photographs sparingly, firms like National Inquiry Agency take many time stamped photographs to show the progression of a case to reassure clients were on it! Also, at the National Inquiry Agency, we ensure that all operatives hold a certain level of qualifications before they come on board, as well as display the necessary experience.

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National Inquiry Agency (NIA) is a Sydney based Private Investigation firm specialising in location searches and missing persons, background checks, process serving and corporate investigations.

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We offer our clients the ability to gather ‘hard to find evidence’, supporting individuals, small to large businesses and the legal services sector. We utilise modern methods of tracing to locate subjects, as well as new technology for the surveillance of persons.

We have competitive rates, and established service level agreements with our clients to ensure we deliver results to a high standard and within time frames.

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Our experience allows us to pay attention to the details that are crucial to the collection of admissible evidence, act in accordance to governing legislation and communicate our outcomes in a clear and efficient manner.


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