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National Inquiry Agency offers a range of investigative and legal support services such as location searches, process serving, factual investigations, surveillance and background checks.

Location Searches and Missing Persons

We locate individuals that owe a debt, crucial witnesses for Hearings, individuals that have changed their address, mobile numbers, email addresses and name. We locate ‘hard to find’ individuals that have moved interstate or have fled the country, due to a debt, fraud, embezzlement, criminal acts and legal proceedings.

Process Serving

We provided process serving services nationwide. We serve Statement of Claims, Subpoenas, Summons, Default Notices, and other documents. We serve documents by personal service, and in the event of Substituted Service Orders, we facilitate service through email addresses, mobile numbers and social media accounts.

We strive to have evidence collected as annexures to our Affidavits.

Factual Investigations

Our Investigators carry out investigations on behalf of businesses for Workers Compensation Claims, Bullying and Harassment Complaints, Workplace Misconduct, Motor Vehicle Accident Claims, General Insurance Claims, and Public Liability disputes.


We also offer surveillance of individuals for the purposes of supporting a breach of contract law suit, restraint of trade, insurance fraud, misconduct within the workplace, and collection of evidence for family law proceedings.

Background Checks

We provide detailed background check reports to scale an individual’s financial assets and interests, company holdings, debts, and previous employment history. Our in-depth background checks and profiling allows us to find information the person on the other end doesn’t want you to know.

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National Inquiry Agency (NIA) is a Sydney based Private Investigation firm specialising in location searches and missing persons, background checks, process serving and corporate investigations. 

Our services are provided to businesses and individuals nationwide and overseas, minimising business loss and risk, and providing our clients with peace of mind.

We offer our clients the ability to gather ‘hard to find evidence’, supporting individuals, small to large businesses and the legal services sector. We utilise modern methods of tracing to locate subjects, as well as new technology for the surveillance of persons.

We have competitive rates, and established service level agreements with our clients to ensure we deliver results to a high standard and within time frames.

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Our Team

Our Investigators and Agents are fully licensed in accordance with statutory legislation and regulations.  

Our Team is made up of qualified solicitors, ex-military personnel and individuals that have worked in the legal services sector for many years.

Our experience allows us to pay attention to the details that are crucial to the collection of admissible evidence, act in accordance to governing legislation and communicate our outcomes in a clear and efficient manner.


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