Process Serving Sydney

At National Inquiry Agency, with our process serving licence through NSW Fair Trading and utilisation of contractors Australia wide and abroad, we have the ability to carry out process serving outside of Sydney

What is process serving?

Process serving is the act of delivering legal documents, such as Subpoenas, Statements of Claims, Letters of Demands, Default Notices, Summons, Bankruptcy Notices, Divorce papers and other court documents to the individuals or entities named in those documents.
Process Servers are knowledgeable about the type of documents required to be served, the methods in which they need to be served, the attributed deadlines and the method in which the documentation is required to be served. National Inquiry Agency’s process servers in Sydney ensure that the documents are delivered according to the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which they are being served.

Our Process

National Inquiry Agency serve documents by personal service at residential and employment addresses or by appointment with the person needed to be served legal papers. In the event of Substituted Service Orders, we facilitate service through email addresses, mobile numbers and social media accounts, leaving documents in the letterboxes, affixing the documentation to objects and other methods.
National Inquiry Agency strive to ensure we have evidence collected to show how service was rendered and have some of this evidence produced, as annexures, to our Affidavits of Service.

Our Process Servers Sydney rather than the Sheriff

As we are a professional process server in Sydney, National Inquiry Agency’s agents are not constricted by a timeframe.

Due to our flexible working arrangements, we are able to attend premises outside the standard shift of 9:00am to 5:00pm, when most debtors are not home. Our schedules depend on the movements of the person of interest. Sheriffs are government employees, and their attendance times are more limited. We can also arrange different blocks of time, including weekends, to meet the debtor at home. If the Debtor avoids being “served,” National Inquiry Agency may send a surveillance team to the property to wait for the Debtor to return.

Who are our Clients?

Our Process Serving Sydney involves servicing individuals requiring the service of Divorce Documents on their ex-spouse. We also provide process serving services to small to large sized law firms practising in the areas of law of litigation, family law, property law and disputes, intellectual property law and other areas.
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Your Success

National Inquiry Agency (NIA) is a Sydney based Private Investigation firm specialising in location searches and missing persons, background checks, process serving and corporate investigations.

Our services are provided to businesses and individuals nationwide and overseas, minimising business loss and risk, and providing our clients with peace of mind.

We offer our clients the ability to gather ‘hard to find evidence’, supporting individuals, small to large businesses and the legal services sector. We utilise modern methods of tracing to locate subjects, as well as new technology for the surveillance of persons.

We have competitive rates, and established service level agreements with our clients to ensure we deliver results to a high standard and within time frames.

Process Serving Sydney

Our Team

Our Investigators and Agents are fully licensed in accordance with statutory legislation and regulations.

Our Team is made up of qualified solicitors, ex-military personnel and individuals that have worked in the legal services sector for many years.

Our experience allows us to pay attention to the details that are crucial to the collection of admissible evidence, act in accordance to governing legislation and communicate our outcomes in a clear and efficient manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are usually contacted by telephone to discuss estimated costs of a process serve depending on the size of the document and the location. Costs increase if the document is large, needs to be served urgently, or served in a remote location. Costs fluctuate depending on international currency and the transfer rates between Australia and our contractor abroad.

We are then either posted or emailed a copy of these documents. We then distributed it to our process server, and they commence action. Reports are then sent to our clients to update them on the progress of their matter.

Costs for hiring of a process server in Sydney varies depending on the size of document, type of document, whether conduct monies is required and the urgency of the process serve itself.

Please enquire within for standard Sydney Metropolitan process serving costs.

All employees and contractors hold the relevant Process Serving, Commercial or Field Agents Licence dependent on the State or Territory in which they work. We also hold the Debt Collections, Process Serving and Repossessions Corporation Licence through NSW Fair Trading allowing our employees to go out on field and conduct process serving in Sydney. Individual on-field process servers in Sydney hold also their own Individual Commercial Agents Licence.

Our process serving capabilities allows us to process server people and entities throughout Australia, in all States and Territories, as well as abroad.