Skip Tracing

SKIP TRACING is an industry term describing the process of locating a person at their place of residence or place of employment. “Skip” refers to a person being searched who has “skipped town”, and “tracing” means the act of locating the individual.

What is Skip Tracing?

In the private investigation realm, skip tracing is modern-day bounty hunting. It’s sifting through a person of interest’s personal information to find out where they have gone, from where they have come from. Having the skills required to pull off a successful skip trace requires access to multiple databases, obtaining leads and verifying those leads, having the ability to make discreet enquiries, and essentially confirming the address of the target
Skip tracing is an art form, and not all private investigators are skilled at it.

Our Process

National Inquiry Agency are unlike other private investigation firms. Our skip tracing has a process. When locating someone we understand it is not as simple as punching someone’s name into a database and a result turns up. It’s analysing that person’s age, gender, social-economic background, history of drugs, violence, lifestyle choices and using intuition to figure out where they are likely to land in life.
We do not just look for the individual, we may be looking for multiple individuals surrounding the Subject, such as going through relationship status, marital and familial ties, as well as associations through social media that may point or give an indication of where the Subject may be. Skip Tracing is about finding the weakest link, the person that is more likely to give up the location of the Subject indirectly or directly by merely existing, as this person likely has no knowledge of the Subject’s attempts to hide.

Sometimes, databases provide no aide or assistance, and the ‘old-school’ methods are required. As a professional skip tracer, we still utilise non-obsolete ‘old school’ methodologies to get results. As you see, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to locating someone. Skip tracing results are case dependent. It requires practise, skill, and intuition in order for an Investigator to succeed

Where is skip tracing applicable?

Skip tracing can be utilised to locate witnesses for trial, locate Debtors or persons that owe an individual or business monies, locating persons associated with stolen property, and reverse screen mobiles or emails to unveil the person behind those contact details.


Who utilises Skip tracing?

Skip tracing is embraced by Individuals, Businesses, Creditors, Lawyers and financial institutions.
Skip Tracing

Your Success

National Inquiry Agency (NIA) is a Sydney based Private Investigation firm specialising in location searches and missing persons, background checks, process serving and corporate investigations.

Our services are provided to businesses and individuals nationwide and overseas, minimising business loss and risk, and providing our clients with peace of mind.

We offer our clients the ability to gather ‘hard to find evidence’, supporting individuals, small to large businesses and the legal services sector. We utilise modern methods of tracing to locate subjects, as well as new technology for the surveillance of persons.

We have competitive rates, and established service level agreements with our clients to ensure we deliver results to a high standard and within time frames.

Process Serving Sydney

Our Team

Our Investigators and Agents are fully licensed in accordance with statutory legislation and regulations.

Our Team is made up of qualified solicitors, ex-military personnel and individuals that have worked in the legal services sector for many years.

Our experience allows us to pay attention to the details that are crucial to the collection of admissible evidence, act in accordance to governing legislation and communicate our outcomes in a clear and efficient manner.

Who Uses Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is a versatile investigative technique employed by various individuals and industries. At National Inquiry Agency, we cater to a wide range of clients who benefit from our skip tracing services. Here’s a glimpse of who typically relies on skip tracing:
  • Skip Tracing for Private Investigators: Private investigators are at the forefront of utilising skip tracing techniques. They often assist clients in finding missing persons, uncovering hidden assets, or locating individuals for various personal and legal reasons.
  • Skip Tracing for Debt Collection Agencies: Debt collectors frequently turn to skip tracing to locate individuals who owe outstanding debts. By finding debtors, they can initiate the collection process and recover the owed funds.
  • Skip Tracing for Legal Professionals: Attorneys and law firms use skip tracing to locate witnesses, beneficiaries, or individuals involved in legal cases. Accurate and timely information can be crucial for building a strong legal argument.
  • Skip Tracing for Businesses: Companies often require skip tracing to reconnect with former employees, vendors, or clients. This is especially important when businesses are undergoing mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring.
  • Skip Tracing for Insurance Companies: Insurance agencies may use skip tracing to track down policyholders or beneficiaries for claims processing or to prevent fraudulent claims.
  • Skip Tracing for Financial Institutions: Banks and lending institutions may need skip tracing to locate individuals who have defaulted on loans, credit card payments, or mortgage obligations.
  • Skip Tracing for Family and Heir Searches: Skip tracing is also invaluable for individuals looking to reconnect with estranged family members or identify heirs in estate matters.
  • Skip Tracing for Law Enforcement: In certain cases, law enforcement agencies use skip tracing to locate fugitives, missing persons, or suspects.
  • Skip Tracing for Journalists and Researchers: Investigative journalists and researchers may employ skip tracing to uncover information for news stories, academic research, or background checks.
  • Skip Tracing for Individuals: Sometimes, people use skip tracing for personal reasons, such as finding long-lost friends, relatives, or loved ones.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are usually contacted by telephone or email about a specific problem, and one of our in-house investigators personally speaks with the client to discuss strategy, how results can be obtained and the pricing structure.
    Costs for a skip tracer varies. It is dependent whether the information held about the individual is fresh or historic. Whether the person is likely to be in Australia or abroad. Costs are dependent on the work required to find them.
    National Inquiry Agency is a holder of a Masters Security Licence through the NSW Police Force to carry out the investigation and surveillance of persons. All employees and contractors hold the relevant Private Investigation Licence dependent on the State or Territory in which they work. We also hold the Debt Collections, Process Serving and Repossessions Corporation Licence through NSW Fair Trading allowing us to not only skip trace debtors, but then help collect debts.

    Our skip tracing capabilities allows us to locate people thorough Australia, in all States and Territories but also on an international level. We have located Australian persons who have fled to New Zealand, Italy, Singapore, China, parts of Africa, Fiji and many other places.