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We carry out Infidelity Investigations and Romance Background Checks to expose unfaithful and deceitful dates, husbands and wives Australia wide. We are helping individuals in troubled relationships find the truth they need before it’s too late. If you believe your date, husband or wife are hiding things, we can uncover the truth.

Relationship Breakdown

We can also uncover nationwide properties and assets held by your spouse if you are considering a divorce. We can carry out surveillance to follow your spouse if you believe they are cheating or having an affair.
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Different Packages

We offer a variety of background check packages to meet your individual needs.

Private Infidelity Investigators for Cheating Spouse

Hiring private infidelity investigators is the best way to catch a cheating partner.

When you hire our private detectives to catch out your cheating husband, wife or spouse – we utilise strategy, covert surveillance devices and methodologies to capture their activities on camera.

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Infidelity Investigations

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Surveillance on your Cheating Spouse

If you believe your Spouse, Husband or Wife may be having an Affair or is Cheating on you we can organise for them to be followed.

We have experienced Private Investigators that specialise in Infidelity Investigations who can capture surveillance footage and photographs to uncover the truth.

We note costs differentiate between which area you are from and how many hours are required to undertake the surveillance.

Learn More: We understand that these matters are sensitive. If you have any concerns or are unsure of the process to organise surveillance on your spouse, send us an email or Contact us to discuss.

Romance Background Checks

What's the Process?

Step 1: Send us an email with as much information as possible. This may include the online dating profile URL of your date, their name, mobile number and the year they were born in (if available). Please also inform us on how you met your date and why you believe they may be dishonest with you with regard to their personal affairs.

Step 2: We respond within 24 hours with costing and which Package is appropriate for the information you require. 

Step 3:  We send you account details, and upon payment a report will be issued within 48 hours for the basic package, and between 2 – 7 business days for the Premium and Platinum packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a infidelity investigator we note the common signs of cheating are

  • There is protection over their mobile phone.
  • They are having more lunches out, or nights out.
  • Their appearance has changed or improved.
  • The emotional intimacy has died between you, such as they avoid telling you the details about their day.
  • Working hours have increased as well as unexplained expenses.
  • They are less patient with you.

When a spouse is suspected of cheating, we have a variety of methods to assist you.
If you and your spouse share a phone bill and joint account, and you have access to the numbers they have called or dialled, we can run those numbers to see who they belong to. Yes, we can even unveil the true identity and address of a person just through their mobile number!
To help you, we also deploy surveillance operatives to watch your spouse.
Our operatives are unknown to your partner.Our faces are varied, our cultures are different, and we use a mixture of male and female investigators to help us blend into the environment in which your spouse is entering. This allows us to follow them from their place of residence or workplace, to scheduled work events, night clubs, hotels, brothels and other venues without being detected.

Our best advice is:

  • Do not tip off your spouse that you think they are cheating.
  • Do not accuse them of cheating or threaten them with the use of the private investigator.

Once a spouse becomes suspicious of going to be followed, it makes it much harder for us to undertake surveillance and achieve a result for you.

When we undertake a cheating spouse investigation, everything from the initial phone consultation to the final report issued is private and confidential. We can chat about the infidelity investigation through email, phone calls, Whatsapp to ensure privacy, and accept payment via cash if required.


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