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You are currently viewing 5 SIGNS your DATE is MARRIED or seeing SOMEONE ELSE


When a DATE is seeing someone else there is usually certain red flags 🚩🚩 about their behaviour. HERE are the signs that your date may in fact be MARRIED or DATING SOMEONE ELSE.

1. She/He are physically possessive over their Phone📱

People who are behaving inappropriately usually act in ways which shows a hyper-vigilance. This person may guard their phone, leave the phone upside-down to hide the screen to shield notifications or messages from being easily read, or they may set settings to “hide notification content”.

2. They accuse you of seeing someone else😡

One of the early signs of a deceitful date is their unexpected accusations that you may be chatting up another person. This accusation will come out of the blue. This is a psychological “projection” of what they may be doing , onto YOU, and is a sign of a guilty conscience.

3. They put more effort into Exercise and their physical appearance

This is for long term dates. When a date is trying to entertain the fancy of another person, they will suddenly care and more so about how they look, dress and smell. If they take more interest into their physical appearance all of a sudden, they may be looking elsewhere.

4. He/She needs to spend more time in the office⏰

Suddenly work becomes more stressful, there is more deadlines and projects popping up and your date needs to spend more time in the office and pull later nights. They are are no longer able to see you as often and they also arrive at dates late, using their “stress” as a reason. This may be a sign they may be up to no good.

5. Late night texts📲

Your date is receiving late night texts when you’re out together from a someone they play down as “that’s just a colleague”, “it’s my work friend nothing more” and “it’s just my brother or sister”. These pings you hear are becoming more often. And, when you question the content of the text message, a vague or avoidant answer is given. If this is the case, your date may be SEEING SOMEONE ELSE.

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