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Are you dating a guy that plays with your mind a little bit? He makes you wonder what you are doing wrong or why he won’t commit to seeing you more often, or even NOT allowing you to see where he lives?

Does he never want to see you during the day? Does he only TEXT you or want to see you only after work or at night time hoping you are free last minute?

When you met him was he very smooth? Did he approach you, flirt a little, got your number straight away and voila! The date was an INSTANT HIT!

Does he seem overly interested in getting to know you one minute and then flip a switch and then there’s no contact for a while…? And you have been on a few dates already and you are not sure what’s going on?

Hate to break it to you honey… but he may be a PLAYER. But, before you burn bridges, you might want to make absolutely sure this man is in fact a player.

That’s where we come in. Dishonest Dates can verify whether the man you have been seeing is in fact MARRIED or living with someone else.

Contact us today. Our BASIC Romance Background Check is cheaper than a for meal for TWO!