Is she in Love with me?

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 Is she in Love with me?

Is she in Love with me?

Here are some of the signs to tell whether she’s in love with you….

1. She talks about the future together

That weekend away to the Hunter Valley in a few months she’s planning to her cousin’s wedding next year where she needs a date to accompany her… if you have heard about it, you’re in her good books.

2. She smiles when you smile

She reaches for your hand, and she looks you in the eye and smiles when you have great conversation – if this happens, then there’s a good chance she’s fallen for you hard.

Does she light up when you talk about something you are passionate about? Whether it be cooking, football or the cricket? If she’s happy when you are happy this is a good SIGN!

3. She states she “can’t wait to see you”

When your date has great anticipation to hear your voice on the phone even if it’s just for a minute late at night after a long day to travelling a long distance to spend some time with you – it looks like its love.

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