What are the Signs that my Husband has a Mistress

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What are the Signs that my Husband has a Mistress

For many years, women have been gracing the National Inquiry Agency doorsteps with the suspicion of their partners having a mistress.

What is a mistress?

A mistress is commonly known as “the other woman. ”To define a mistress, it is a woman who forms a sexual relationship with a married man. Some of these women know the man is married, whilst some have no idea they are involved with a married man.

Why do you think a man cheats?

For many men, having a mistress is a way to seek emotional and verbal support; it is not always just sexual gratification.

A mistress would be there solely for him. Some men form a loving, long-term relationship with there mistress.

How does it all start

A man may feel his sex life at home is declining, he is not being listened to or paid attention to.

They will start talking to a female about their home life, how he is in the middle of a divorce, they may be sleeping in separate beds

He may also have narcissistic traits where he may feel he is entitled to cheat

The fact of the matter is none of this is true

What to look out for if you suspect your partner is cheating

Some signs to look out for if your partner cheating is:-

  • He is no longer leaving the phone around – he takes it absolutely everywhere!
  • They are texting morning, noon, and night
  • Their body language indicates they are nervous
  • They either chat too much about the office party or, worse not at all
  • They have a business trip or boys’ weekend away all of a sudden
  • Your bank account has some strange transactions you know nothing about

No matter the outcome, infidelity can lead to heartbreak and emotional trauma for the innocent party..

What should you do?

Firstly, confront your partner and express your suspicions. Ensure he does not have violent tendencies and consider having someone with you for safety. If you want to stay ahead in this emotional situation, consider contacting the National Inquiry Agency. Amy and her team can conduct surveillance on your partner, providing you with reports and photographic evidence.

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