Background Checks

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 Background Checks

Background Checks

At National Inquiry Agency, we know that Everyone has skeletons in their closets.

Whether it’s that embarrassing Facebook photo that you don’t want anyone to see or a Criminal Record that has not been disclosed on their employment check. Knowing who you have employed today will save you and your business the embarrassment and money loss tomorrow.

The intricacies of investigating someone’s personal and employment history through a background check is not only intriguing but greatly assist when making business decisions whether it be to employ someone or to go into partnership with another person.

The company called National Inquiry Agency to investigate the Workers Compensation Claim as there were some issues starting to arise regarding tasks the person was assigned to. The petty cash tin for instance was short and although this could not be directly pointed to the staff member, this person was directly responsible for the petty cash which was held in a locked safe.

It was then discovered, during the course of the investigation, that a relative was hired by the employee and that this relationship was not disclosed at the time of the contract agreement being signed off.

Upon further investigation of this person’s employment documentation, it was revealed that the resume presented to the company, at the time for the vacant position, was in fact falsified and “beefed up” in order to gain the role.

The resume stated that this person had a substantial amount of experience in the field such as previously running successful businesses and they claimed they had worked in positions such as senior management. Our investigations unveiled, that this person had previously filed for bankruptcy and had never held a position as a manager in previous roles. None of this information was previously disclosed in the resume.

Knowledge is POWER.

Knowing an individual’s past behaviours is a GREAT indicator of future behaviour.

If the company had known previously, of this information, which was now to hand, this person would not have been employed due to these indiscretions on the resume and this in turn would have save this company time and money.

A background check is very important, especially when entering a business partnership or employing personnel responsible for managing company finance.

MAKE A WISE DECISION today, find out what may be lurking behind the DOOR before you regret it.

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