Five Signs a Client Won’t Pay

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 Five Signs a Client Won’t Pay

Five Signs a Client Won’t Pay

At NIA, we’ve had a fair share of dealings with Debtors on behalf of clients, particularly those who frequently attempt to skip out on paying their legal fees or accrued costs. We’ve complied a list of FIVE of the most common signs that your CLIENT is turning into a DEBTOR.

  1. They are INCONSISTENT from the beginning.

Your client is difficult to get a hold of. You have called their mobile number, their landline and sent them an email, but they rarely return your calls. You’ve heard their Voicemail more than you’ve heard their actual voice and you struggle to get direct instructions from them.

  1. Their invoice mysteriously goes MISSING.

You’ve completed your services to the client or requested a partial payment and the invoice has been sent. Seven days later the invoice period has lapsed, and you are yet to receive payment. When you contact the client, they claim they haven’t received the invoice, have somehow managed to misplace it, or it’s been lost to the internet void.

  1. Payment is by ODD means.

The client finally has their invoice, but now they wish to pay by instalments, in person with cash, or by cheque. Remember that if they attempt to pay by cheque, this creates a delay in payment and there is always the chance the cheque may bounce.

  1. Their CONTACT DETAILS don’t hold up.

They never respond to your emails, their mobile number has been recently disconnected, and their only address is a PO Box. Or, if they have given you a physical address, it is ‘outdated’ or simply false.

  1. Letters sent go UNANSWERED.

You have sent numerous letters to an address that have been unanswered or returned to sender.

Unfortunately, in the current economic climate, more and more people are failing to pay their debts, which leads many to desperate measures such as skipping out on costs. If your client has become a Debtor, NIA offers Field Calls, Skip Tracing and Process Serving services to assist in having accounts paid.

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