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Find my Stolen Pet

Private investigators can indeed be hired to assist in cases involving stolen pets, especially our furry friends.

Whilst most people associate that a stolen animal is the work of the Police to track down, sometimes private investigators can beat them to the punch. At National Inquiry Agency in Sydney, we can definitely be instrumental in the location of missing and stolen dogs, cats, rabbits, and much-loved other pets and reptiles.

We understand that when a pet goes missing or is stolen by an unknown person, family member etc, it can be a very distressing and emotional experience for the rightful owner of that beloved pet.

In the event you are victim of having your pet stolen, we recommend you take these steps immediately:

  1. Gather Evidence: It’s imperative to document evidence of the timeline of events, including how or when your pet was stolen, making sure you have to hand proof of the registration of the animal in your name, photographs of the pet, and videos of your animal. If your spouse has taken your dog, cat, or other pet, saving SMS messages, Whatsapp, or other interactions between your spouse about your pet being stolen is needed.
  2. Communicate with your Spouse: If a stranger was not the one that took your pet, but it was your spouse, try your best to communicate your need for the return of your animal in a clear and concise manner. Try to avoid getting angry and frustrated as this may cause further delay in the return of your furry family member.
  3. Report the Stolen Pet to Police: If your spouse or the unknown person has yet to return your animal within a reasonable time period, being within a few days, then call the Police Assistance Line (131 333 for NSW) and file a police report. Ensure you obtain an Event Number. Also, advise the other party that that is your intent as well.

Once these steps have been taken, and the still the pet has not been returned, we recommend you contact National Inquiry Agency and speak to one of our private investigators in Sydney. National Inquiry Agency private investigators are skilled at gathering evidence, locating your people’s addresses, including new residences, using a method called skip tracing, making attendances to a suspicious address, and setting ‘eyes’ on the stolen pet. We have various methods that can help you find your stolen pet.

One such method includes conducting surveillance on the person of interest to confirm whether or not they have your stolen pet. We then compose this in a report and obtain video footage of the same. We can also speak to neighbours to confirm the sighting of the stolen animal, monitor the movements of the animal, and confirm where they attend the vet and other activities to assist in the recovery of the animal. We can also coordinate efforts with the police and share information to assist with their investigations. We can also monitor online websites to see if your animal has been advertised for sale or if there are other online listings pertaining to it.

National Inquiry Agency private investigators in Sydney and interstate have the means to launch awareness campaigns about your pet being stolen and seek any information from the community about its whereabouts.

It’s important to note that the specific services and capabilities of private investigators may vary. When hiring a private investigator to help with a stolen pet case, it’s crucial to choose a professional who has experience in animal-related investigations and a track record of successful outcomes.

Here is a Case Example. The Return of Hector: a beloved French Bulldog.

A male client reached out to our private investigators advising that his beloved French Bulldog Hector was taken by his spouse in a heated relationship split. Our client and his ex-girlfriend were in a relationship for about two years, and during the 2020 Covid-Lockdowns he decided to part ways with her. When she had exited the apartment, that he had owned to find elsewhere to live, he came home to find his furry friend missing. He telephoned her to ask her where he was, and Hector was taken with the ex-girlfriend due to being angry with him for breaking up with her. After a few months of not returning his dog, our client reached out to us for assistance.

Our client did not know where his dog was nor where is girlfriend newly resided. Based on the messages he still had been receiving from his ex, it was apparent that she had kept the dog with her in spite of him, and did not sell him online or through other means. We then carried out skip tracing activities and located an apartment for her based in Homebush, New South Wales. We then snuck into the apartment complex and confirmed with neighbours that she had resided at that apartment with a French Bulldog. We also heard barking behind the door when we got close to it upon approach. We then sent this information to our client and recommend legal action be taken against her. He then continued down this path to recover his friend Hector.

If you are in a similar position, please reach out to one of our Private Investigators.