Private Investigators Digging up the Dirt!

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 Private Investigators Digging up the Dirt!

Private Investigators Digging up the Dirt!

Our private investigators at the National Investigators Agency in Sydney are often asked to ”dig up the dirt” on people. We are approached to find out the truth about someone, to throw doubt on them, or to shed light on their unfavorable behaviors.

This may be for the purpose of knowing about the person they are conducting business with; they are involved with on a personal or business basis or for any other purpose.

There are a few methods in which we can use to undertake this task. A few of our favorites are:

Traditional Surveillance – there is the old adage that if you follow someone long enough, you will eventually watch them do something that is viewed in a negative light. Are they parking in a disabled spot when they are not disabled? Have they got a bad gambling habit? Are they attending a massage parlour that has an extra “activity” attached to it? Could they be meeting up with other discredited persons?

There are many behaviors that may not be favorable to an employer or partner, and capturing these types of behaviours by video and clever photography can leave the person not looking very unfavorable.

Exploiting social media –  As private investigators, we can create sock puppet accounts to create fake profiles that have photographs taken from the internet or created through the clever use of artificial intelligence to create attractive online personas.

It’s shown that people are more willing to accept an unknown “Friend Request” from an attractive person of the opposite sex or same sex, depending on their sexuality. With these accounts, we can then gain access to their private material to see their photographs, geo-location, posts, and comments. The material may discredit them, especially if we engage with them in an online conversation where explicit information is shared between parties.

The online person is also able to engage in online debates to ascertain whether the Subject engages in abusive behaviors or holds strong political opinions and religious beliefs.

Another oldie but goodie is dumpster diving. An old-school tactic that is still effective, and a lot of private investigators don’t utilize this method anymore. However, at the National Inquiry Agency, it is encouraged when it meets the local council guidelines and rules.

When people discard their rubbish, they don’t realize they are putting out alot of personal information to the world. Sometimes they fail to rip up personal documentation, they throw out medication packets, bills, alcohol bottles, and other containers that show personal consumption of drugs and alcohol.

We can also gauge at who is residing at the place of residence, as well as the age of that person, from their rubbish.. We can source quite a bit of information including the very deodorant the Subject wears or where they purchase their goods from. If receipts are located, we are able to establish habits and routines.

A lot can be learned about someone from their bin contents. A lot of dirt can be dug up from the insides of a rubbish bin.

We can also ascertain whether the person of interest has had judgments against them or faced court for any particular reason. We can also run business interest searches, bankruptcy searches, and property searches and see what investments they are involved in. We can see how much they pay in rent and sometimes their debt amounts.

It’s important to understand the reasons behind why we are engaged to discredit someone as we do not like to take this action lightly.

We may be subpoenaed either in person or our documentation in family law proceedings to show the risks to a child/children, catch a cheating spouse, run due diligence on a person of high standing, ascertain whether someone is a good fit romantically, and other uses. Private Investigators are creative in their approach.

If you wish to speak to the private investigators equipped to obtain this type of information, please feel free to reach out. Our team at National Inquiry Agency is comprised of the best private detectives in Sydney and nationwide.