Why National Inquiry Agency?

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Why National Inquiry Agency?

Choosing an investigator is hard.

You’ve probably never had to conduct an investigation before, or make discreet checks, balances and enquiries. But when the need arises, how do you decide which Investigator to use? Which firm is the best one?

Are they all private investigation firms the same? The answer to this is “No”.

At National Inquiry Agency, we have had a lot of clients come to use after visiting other firms where they have spent a lot on money on an investigation, with little to nil movement in their case, experienced delays and have to come to us as a last resort to have matters resolved. As experienced private investigators, with any client, we immediately explain what we can do in terms of strategy, what we can do within an investigation in attempts to obtain a result, the likelihood of success, and explain what type of techniques will be utilised in an attempt to obtain a result.

Spending a bit of time to undertake research on which Private Investigation firm is the best fit, as to what their services are, such as mobile forensics, surveillance, background checks or other types of enquiries are needed, and which firm provides this service. Doing this research may save you a lot of funds and safeguard you from issues down the track.

What makes our Private Investigators Different?

Our private detective agency is honest and transparent. And, not all Investigators are honest. Some other private investigation firms will take exuberant funds up front, promise the world and then come back with no result. Some will not even show proof of work being carried out or the fruits of their non-labour. This is a waste of money and resources.

When you hire a private investigator like us, work is carried out by our private investigators, whether it be our private investigators in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, or any other state in Australia, or internationally, we ensure that we show what we have undertaken and capture the same in a report.

What private investigators do to obtain results is often not disclosed by other firms leaving clients in the ‘dark’. It is unknown to the what goes one behind the scenes to the average person with most investigations. With this, the problem for private investigators and their clients is that the areas dealt with in investigations can raise complex legal questions.

Combined with the investigations industry being relatively unregulated in certain areas, a few rogue operators can deceive clients into acting improperly to get results. This is dangerous. Obtaining illegally acquired evidence is not admissible in Court. Ensuring that the techniques used are legal are vital. Also checking that a private investigator is licensed through the appropriate licensing body is important.

Most clients of investigators will not know the “ins” and “outs” of the law relating to investigations, so it’s essential that they choose an experienced investigator with legal training.

Our Founder at National Inquiry Agency, is a qualified Solicitor, admitted by the Supreme Court of New South Wales. She instils legal compliance with all investigations and ensures employees and contractors don’t use dark techniques or methods. Our company holds strict policies and procedures that employees abide by, and this same compliance is reiterated to all of our contractors.

Our private detective agency Sydney specialises in skip tracing being the art of locating people, background checks, surveillance and process serving Sydney, as well in all States and Territories.

Price & Costs

Price Point is essential when you Hire a Private Investigator. It’s often the deciding factor for choosing a provider over another.

In terms of hiring someone, to undertake an investigation, it’s important to note that the provision of investigative services is heavily based on the Investigator’s skill set, experience, and knowledge. We understand that selecting a skilled operator in a saturated market is especially difficult; however, electing a less expensive operator may be a costly mistake.

We encourage you to safeguard yourself by researching the operator’s licensing, educational attainment, and reputation before deciding who to go with. There are investigators in our industry that have landed in hot water and have bad media coverage, who undertake unlicensed work, or immediately contract out their work without running of proper checks on the background and strategy of the case file.

Its “you pay for what you get” in our industry. Cheaper is not better, its more dangerous.

Our Values & Promise to Our Clients

At National Inquiry Agency we believe in Professionalism. Our reputation results from years of accumulated expertise, experience, and a continued commitment to maintaining the highest professional standard. We have positive Google reviews and testimonials, and have had positive media coverage in Mammamia, 9NEWS, 9Honey, The Today ShowExtra, have been on Radio and collaborated with many journalists about our industry.

We are Reliable. We understand there are time pressures facing our clients. Therefore, as an essential element of our firm’s culture, we strive to provide timely and accurate services for all of our clients. All information we gather is stored on our secure cloud-based system that us not linked or accessible to our Website. In minimises the chances of a cyber-attack. We also ensure that all records of any investigation are thoroughly

We ensure we have Integrity. Our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority. We show we are also “Real” and Exist, we have a physical office and don’t just list a PO Box address on our website. Beware of other investigation firms that run operations out of virtual offices solely, or only list postal addresses, or addresses, that list a building number but no suite number. In the event that they needed to be contacted, they are more easily to abscond off with your deposited funds for a case, or cut contact and are unable to be found without a physical address.

Aptitude is another of our core values. Our firm continually familiarises itself with our clients and what they require from us. To maintain a lead within the private investigations sector, we capitalise on new technologies and opportunities presented by innovation within the industry. We are strong ties to our licensing bodies, and follow up any changes in our industry.

If you wish to engaged National Inquiry Agency, give us a call and speak to one of our Investigators today.