National Inquiry Agency: A Buyer Agent’s Best Friend

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 National Inquiry Agency: A Buyer Agent’s Best Friend

National Inquiry Agency: A Buyer Agent’s Best Friend

Buyers Agents are licensed real estate professionals who represent the interests of the buyer in a real estate transaction.

This means that the buyer’s agent works exclusively for the buyer, being an individual, company, or even a property developer. They are responsible for sourcing properties. This is where National Inquiry Agency fits in.

If a buyer’s agent is interested in a particular property or building that is on or off the market and has a client that wishes to develop the property, building, or land and requires contact with the landlord, our private investigators at National Inquiry Agency are able to source this information.

National Inquiry Agency has worked with multiple buyers’ agents to locate the contact details, such as the mobile number, email address, and current mailing address of landlords, in order for the buyer’s agent to make contact or extend an offer.

Our methods tie into skip tracing or skip trace methods, allowing us to track down the location of the landlord and open the communication pathways between them both.

Skip tracing utilises the use of database searches, social engineering, door knocking, discreet inquiries with employers of the person of interest, neighbours, other individuals circulating the person of interest, social media investigations, and much more.

If you are a Buyers Agent, we advise you to reach out to National Inquiry Agency for a chat. Our private investigators can help Buyers Agents make money for their clients, which leads to better commissions for the Buyers Agent.

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