Process Serving & Attendance Fraud/Fake Attendances

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 Process Serving & Attendance Fraud/Fake Attendances

Process Serving & Attendance Fraud/Fake Attendances

Are you using a process serving firm, and you are confused by the process server’s inability to get results after multiple attendances to the same address?

Are the process serving reports reflecting that “no one was in attendance” or “the property was in a closed state” too many times?

If you answered “Yes” to this – you may be subject to ATTENDANCE FRAUD. It is an industry wide issue.

And I am not afraid to call OUT others in the industry known to do this.

Attendance fraud is whereby a process serving firm or their sub-agent is faking attendances to inflate the bill by non-successful service attempts.

Lawyers, please understand this – you get what you pay for. If the process serving price is cheap – you will likely see the above PATTERN occurring. It can also be detrimental to a case if the process server is caught out not attempting service by CCTV or other, and an Affidavit is affirmed or relied upon for substituted service etc.

In today’s climate with increasing tolls, & fuel prices – process serving costs should be increasing. Not stagnating.

It’s important to use a firm that does not commit ‘attendance fraud’ by showing proof of the attendances to an address.

National Inquiry Agency tackle this issue, by fostering trust through taking photographs of the address and making thorough notes of our observations, conversations with Subjects as well as neighbours to show progress in a matter. We also show attempts to process serve difficult and evasive individuals.

We also obtain mobile numbers and email addresses of Subjects to get a case moving. With this in mind – our prices are higher than other firms – and this is for a reason.

If you need help with process serving or serving Subpoenas, Statements of Claim, Bankruptcy Notices, Creditor’s Petitions, Letters of Demand or any other document, please give us a call.