Occupancy and Welfare Checks

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Occupancy and Welfare Checks

A normal welfare check is conducted by the local police, who will attend the Subject’s home and check on the resident to confirm their safety and medical health, this is done by a knock on the door, in the first instance, if they do not suspect any foul play.

Due to the high volume experienced in police stations, sometimes, the police experience delays in their attendance of the property and are unable to treat the matter with the urgency you would like.

National Inquiry Agency has the flexibility to attend a residential address multiple times, at different time blocks, during the day, to ensure the Subject is either spoken to or the address is properly assessed for any red flags or concerns.

Our private investigators not only attend the address, but we also take photographs of the property, look for signs of occupancy as well as disturbances.

National Inquiry Agency also carry out the same service for Creditors chasing a Debt to confirm whether a Debtor still resides at an address via an occupancy check.

The above photograph relates to an occupancy check of a property as the owner was not responding to letters, phone calls and emails. National Inquiry Agency attended the address at different times throughout different days in order to speak with the Subject.

It was easy for National Inquiry Agency to determine that the place was not occupied nor visited by the owner for quite some time after a few visits.

For example, if you look closely at this image, we noticed the following:-

  1. The window is slightly open – The position of the window glass remained the same over the short period
  2. The blinds were shut – these blinds did not move from this position for each of our visits
  3. There are no lights on – lights were never noticed to be on, even at night-time.
  4. Dust also collected on the windowsill undisturbed.

With these details noted, we were certain the subject had not returned home.

National Inquiry Agency also had a “chat” with neighbours and confirmed that the Subject had not been sighted for quite sometime and was likely overseas.

National Inquiry Agency, with this knowledge, reported their findings back to the client. The client was then able to source other options on how to proceed with their matter.