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You’ve got to be able to run fast.

That’s the overarching lesson I glean from Sydney-based private investigator, Amy Elliott.

It’s been three years since she launched her firm National Inquiry Agency – with a four-month-old baby in tow. Her boutique firm is dedicated to private investigations into missing persons, background checks, corporate investigations and process serving.

Over that time (and the 1400 cases she has handled) Amy has been chased by people, dogs – and even a rogue sheep.

Amy grew up in a home with domestic violence – “I would prefer not to go into that though”, she steers.

Even so, she credits her quest for justice to the systems she was exposed to from 11-years-old. There was one time where she was interviewed by police for hours. And she had to attend the courts too.

“It left an impact.”

“I realised pushing paperwork wasn’t for me, and I wanted to get more boots on the ground helping. It was that more active involvement that helps to get the result.”

The one constant: “I had this thirst for justice and fairness as a result of what happened to me when I was younger.”