Dishonesty in Relationships

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 Dishonesty in Relationships

Dishonesty in Relationships

Is your Date being Dishonest?

Here are some SIGNS of Dishonesty.

1. Forgetfulness regarding call/date times

If someone is seeing multiple people or cheating on their spouse with you, these people have to tell many lies and it’s hard to keep up with them all. If they are often forgetful regarding when to have a chat over the phone or catch up for a drink they may be dishonest.

2. Contradictions in what they are saying/acting

They give off that they live a lavish lifestyle, but they drive a Honda and work as a hair dresser in someone else’s salon. They boast business success by showing you their business card, website and Instagram Followers yet they ask you to pay for dinner or buy them jewellery.

These people may have a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. If so, they may have a history of debt. We can check if they have had Judgements for failure to pay debt in the past.

3. Trust your Gut

Sometimes you can feel it in your gut that there is something not right. You’re not 100% sure whether you should commit to this someone. You feel like you are waiting for the world to implode and cannot pin point why. If this is how you feel, it may just be your date is hiding something or is being dishonest.

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