HIDDEN ASSETS? No problem.

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 HIDDEN ASSETS? No problem.

HIDDEN ASSETS? No problem.

Does your client need to locate assets that have been purposefully hidden prior to financial settlement?

We locate hidden:

  • Bank accounts
  • Motor vehicles
  • Real property
  • Business interests
  • Trademarks
  • Domain names

AND OTHER ASSETS in Australia and abroad!

This information is gathered through database searches, OSINT, discreet enquiries, and cyber investigations. We attempt to locate accounts held in the Subject’s name and whether these details are connected to an address or personal asset. For example, whether the Subject has their Drivers Licence reflecting a certain address not disclosed or other accounts linking to a said address etc.

Contact NIA today to see how we can assist you in locating HIDDEN ASSETS for your client. We provide multi-level services and are happy to provide an estimated quote directly.