Season Greetings and the Office Romance

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 Season Greetings and the Office Romance

Season Greetings and the Office Romance

One of our busiest times of the year at National Inquiry Agency is just a month after the “Company Christmas Party!”That’s when clients come to us with their suspicions about their partner’s infidelity.

Most office romances start from a Christmas party; they may be a one-off or continue into the New Year. Either way, cheating is cheating, whether it is once or multiple times.We know this may sound very cliché, but it does happen, and not just to the young CEO and his secretary.

We spend the majority of our lives at work, and we all develop friendships with our colleagues; it is natural.

Our client contacted us to investigate their partner who, since the Christmas Party, has been working late hours, working on the weekends as well, and now having to go away for work. This has never happened previously, and their partner did not discuss getting a promotion or starting in a new role.

During the year, the partner hasgone to work and developed friendships with their work colleagues. Yes, we are all guilty of this. As this friendship develops, the partner starts to feel relaxed and starts chatting about their personal life, weekends, the kid’s achievements, and problems at home.

This person becamethe partner’s new confidant. At this stage,the partner has doing nothing wrong to hurt the marriage. People need to talk, whether good or bad, as it is a way to release stress.

The client noticed that the partner was coming home and talking non-stop about their work colleague.

The Christmas party event came around, and the partner heads off to their Christmas party, which this year my client was not invited to and had been advised there have been budget cuts, so all the work colleague partners were not invited. This seemed a bit weird as partners have been going to the Christmas Party for this company for the last 10 years.

Remember Christmas parties are where there is too much wine, flirtatious giggling at that one-liner,

The partner came home from the Christmas Party in the early hours of the morning, trying to avoid my client and the questions now being asked.It was noted that their behaviour started to change, especially when you asked how the party went. The partner became defensive and changing the subject.

Our Private Investigators at National Inquiry Agency were then hired to conduct surveillance the client’s partner. After surveillanceof the person of interest, both at home and at their place of work,we were able to gather evidence and provide the client with the documentation they required to confront the partnerand the infidelity issues.

National Inquiry Agency are experts in surveillance and providing the documentation you require in infidelity matters. Why not call us today.