What does your Private Investigator look like?

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What does your Private Investigator look like?

These days, our private investigators are asked by our clients to provide surveillance on various persons of interest from various backgrounds. They may be the cheating spouse, the new employee, or even the person skipping out on a debt they owe.

At the National Inquiry Agency, in our industry, we need to ensure we behave like chameleons and blend into our surroundings to complete the task before us. Whilst out surveilling, the one thing we do not want, is to be “made”. Once that happens, the job is over, and we have not provided the service to our client as we would have liked.

Private investigators are shape shifters having a variety of ages, body shapes, types, and persons is ideal. In order to change our appearances to suit the job, we may need to alter such things as our clothing to suit the occasion or the area, wear a wig to cover up our identity, or even have a tattoo or two.

When Private Investigators are hired, we will inspect them to identify who we are hiring and whether they have a tattoo. Is that Tattoo easily seen by a person of interest? Can the person hide the tattoo for jobs not requiring that type of surveillance?

Remember what I said about being a chameleon? That’s right, we need to blend into any situation, and that may include going to that nightclub in the city and hanging out with the patrons whilst completing surveillance.

These days, tattoos are the norm, and believe it or not, 40% of my generation, the millennials, have tattoos, and seeing them on common areas like arms, etc, are not as rememberable as they once were.

Some people also do not like tattoos and, as such, will not hire someone on that basis. However, in this day and age, attitudes and mindsets are changing about tattoos.

So, if you are thinking about becoming a Private Investigator, please do not run out and get that face tattoo. Think along the lines of “Can I hide that tattoo, if need be, to do my job.”

When we send someone out on an investigation, we look at who the most appropriate member of our team is to get the job done.

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