Signs of A Cheating Spouse

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 Signs of A Cheating Spouse

Signs of A Cheating Spouse


Whilst we know the most stereotypical SIGNS of CHEATING are:

  1. Is that your Spouse is suddenly working late out of the blue at the office or having to hit new urgent deadlines;
  2. There are changes to your sex life.The approach to sex is less or has changed. New “moves” may be introduced or appear unexpectedly;
  3. More time is spent away from home. There are more networking events or projects keeping them away from the home; AND
  4. There are changes in their communication style. They are responding less to text messages or ignoring phone calls. They are less affectionate on the phone or in person.

We also find it important to note that there are less predictable SIGNS. These are:

  • A sudden increased interest in their appearance. GYM is now a MUST! Or their attire and grooming have improved.
  • There is an increase in phone and technology usage. They have downloaded Instagram or SnapChat after years of non-use. They are on their laptop more often or walking away for phone calls.
  • They are hiding their phone from you or have changed their notifications to “Hidden Content.” Their Pin has changed on their mobile device, or their passwords have changed.
  • Their schedule changes rapidly, like they have to duct out of the house URGENTLY or LAST MINUTE to go somewhere important without explanation.
  • Your partner says certain behaviours are not cheating… or they broach the subject of cheating with you randomly or often to gauge your reaction or feelings.
  • They start saying things that don’t equate with your character or things they’ve never wanted before e.g., “Why can’t you be more adventurous or fun?”
  • “Forgetting” to mention a night out or lunch with a person you may disapprove of.
  • Their friends, close associates, or family members have a history of cheating. So, these cheating behaviours are normalised or surrounds them.
  • He or She avoids certain locations with you. He or She wishes not to have you bump into persons that may have seen him/her with someone else.

If any of the above resonates with you or someone you know, please get in touch with our office.

We understand that being CHEATED on is a disheartening process, but the most important thing is the truth!

We can uncover the truth giving peace of mind and clarity. We complete thorough background checks, online traps, and research, as well as undertake surveillance on partners suspected of cheating to GET ANSWERS!