Do you have a feeling your spouse is cheating?

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Do you have a feeling your spouse is cheating?

How many people have walked through our doors with the suspicion of their spouse cheating? They engage the National Inquiry Agency to follow their spouse to confirm that gnawing feeling of infidelity.

Although we are seasoned Private Investigators at the National Inquiry Agency, as soon as someone engages our services, we cannot just run out of the office and follow the person of interest.

We need to research where to start looking, such as the businesses around the area, parks, and any other types of settings in which we can begin our surveillance investigation. We need to ensure that we blend in with the crowd and are not “made” by the person.

Now, gone are the days of dressing in a black trench coat, with sunnies and a fedora hat, and hiding in the bushes…ok, the bushes are still one of our options when surveilling someone, we are not going to lie.

Being a Private investigator in today’s world, we are able to follow someone by not just sitting in a car or hiding in the bushes with our super long camera lens waiting for our person of interest to enter a premises. We can trace the person of interest’s movements electronically, which in turn is part of our research analysis and allows us the information we require on where to start our surveillance investigation.

Once we are able to establish where to start our surveillance, we also need to establish a pattern of the person of interest may have. We need to research where the best place for the surveillance stakeout to take place. Is there somewhere we can sit and watch from all angles?

It is not wise to follow someone in a crowd with our long-lensed camera…it may look a bit suspicious, and we may notify the person of interest that they are under surveillance; not only that, the camera can become quite heavy, or we may trip and damage the camera!

At the National Inquiry Agency, we have both male and female Private Investigators. We are one of the few Sydney Private Investigating agencies to employ female investigators. It is said a female private investigator is able to read a room and notice the behaviours of a person of interest. A witness will trust a female and will provide information more freely.

The team of Private Investigators at the National Inquiry Agency has the ability to blend in with their surroundings to the point that the person of interest can be followed on multiple occasions and the person of interest would not be aware they are under surveillance. They have an analytical mindset. strategizing new methods to keep ahead of the game.

Is your partner or spouse acting secretive, do you need a private investigator to help you to calm your suspicious feelings? We can assist you with the surveillance you may require.

Give us a call at National Inquiry Agency, we can help you.