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Facebook following a complete stranger? IT’S THE NEW NORM!

Have you ever caught yourself deep in someone’s photo album or timeline who you’ve never met? Have you ever Facebooked someone before you met them face-to-face? Or followed the lives of individuals you admire or have only met once?

This is more common these days than you’d think! However, there is a dark side to this. If you have had a chance to watch YOU on Netflix, it shows the scary aspects of having a social media account that can help a STALKER watch your every move. Where you go by looking closely at geolocation tags and place check-ins, finding where you are based by the Friends you associate with or by your Family members and the Pages Liked. It’s very easy.

That is why privacy protection is so important. Don’t post images that can show your patterns of movement, don’t post photographs of yourself inside or outside your house, remove geolocation tags and do not publicly display your Check-ins, especially if you check-in to that same gym every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. This STALKER may just turn up at the same time you do and then follow you home.

Psychopathic obsession does exist. The Australian Bureau of Statistics says 19 per cent of adult women and nearly eight per cent of men experience an episode of stalking during their lifetime.

Be smart. Be safe.

If you are concerned about your privacy online, and would like us to show you the amount of Facebook content we can locate or is available when someone is not ‘Friends’ with you, contact Dishonest Date.