Pig Butchering Scams

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Pig Butchering Scams

The name of this scam does not relate to the butchering of pigs to make some quick cash. The terminology behind this name is likened to fattening a pig up before the slaughter.

Pig Butchering targets the lonely-hearted – both men and women. The person of interest would sweet talk the victim, build a relationship with them, and then ask them to send money…not once but numerous times. This type of relationship is built online, and you will never meet the person in person.

This year, the Australian Federal Police created a warning to the Australian public about the potential of being groomed around Valentine’s Day and to be cautious of these types of scams. Statistical data from previous years showed a loss of approximately $4500 every hour in 2022 and approximately $3800 every hour in 2023.

These perpetrators are well versed in how to “groom” a victim as they have lured many victims with their web of lies. The perpetrator may work alone, or they can also be part of an organised crime syndicate.

They are very good at acting and creating fake profiles to suit their audience. Remember, they have done their homework on you before making contact with you by stalking the internet. They will steal other people’s identities and photographs to create their own social media profiles.

Once they understand what you are interested in, they will start by associating themselves with you and claim to enjoy the same things. If you love the beach, they will also love the beach. They have a goal: to make you comfortable with them. They will do anything to build that trust and relationship.

They will take the time to build that trust because, eventually, they are going to find a way to bring up the topic of money and investments. YOU are their investment; they will do almost anything to make you feel wonderful.

Once the line of money/investments has been crossed and your hard-earned money has been deposited into their account, they have started the “Butchering”. The more you give, the more they will take. Once you start to question these people they will disappear. In most scams like these, the money is never recovered.

In some cases, it is reported that some Australians have been led to open bank accounts for these perpetrators so that money laundering and drug trafficking can be committed. If the perpetrator is part of a crime syndicate, some of the funding is believed to have made its way offshore to facilitate other criminal activity.

The National Inquiry Agency has dealt with numerous cases such as these and uncovered a world of deceit when dealing with these types of perpetrators. They not only steal a victim’s money, but they are also guilty of identity theft when creating their fake personas.

If you feel as though you have been subjected to a Pig Butchering Scam, please do not hesitate to contact us at the National Inquiry Agency, and we can help you investigate the matter and provide the Police with vital information for your case.

By calling us you may stop someone else from being scammed and losing their money,