How to check if she is cheating?

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 How to check if she is cheating?

How to check if she is cheating?

There are a few telltale signs to look for if you suspect your partner is cheating.

You do not want to enter a room and start a conversation accusing your partner of cheating without all the facts.

National Inquiry Agency can help you gather the required information when you have some proof that there may be something going on in your partner’s life that they left you out of

So here are a few behavioural things to look for:-

  1. The credit card bill looks unusually high with all the new clothes/lingerie, makeup, and beauty appointments charged to it.
  2. A conversation you are having with her is being listened to half-heartedly. She is not engaged and seems very vague in her responses.
  3. Her moods are changing; every time you ask her a question, she is defensive and snaps at you. All of a sudden, she has become very secretive especially when you look over her shoulder to see who she is talking to on the phone or computer. Did you just hear her whispering and flirtatious giggling?
  4. She tells you she is going out with a group of friends, and when you ask who, she is very dismissive about giving out the names by saying, “Oh, you don’t know them.” And she quickly exits the house before you have a chance to ask another question.
  5. The intimacy has totally dried up in the bedroom…you no longer have your date night that has been happening for the last 5 years and you cannot remember the last time you cuddled up together in bed….. then you say to yourself “Hang on I saw lingerie on that credit card statement!”

Now, remember what we said previously about rushing in and accusing your partner of cheating? You need hard evidence before you start that conversation; the points above are just hints of what to look for if you have a suspicion.

The evidence will serve a few purposes, piece of mind for yourself now that the suspicions have been confirmed, the fact that there is a problem in your marriage and you need to work on it if you truly love each other, allowing the cheating partner to understand how hurt you are and you both need help.

At the National Inquiry Agency, we can help you with your suspicions and gather the evidence for that much-needed conversation to start.

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